The Red Car (7.2.2016)

  We have been going the exact same track to our english lesson since we started going the language school. I usually stayed at Curlys house before but we are too busy so we just go from our school. On the way there was a red car. It was there almost every day and we … Continue reading The Red Car (7.2.2016)

Killing smoke (3.2.2016)

  Cigarettes are one of the darkest enemies of our world. The biggest enemy of the world is called a human. I think nothing can hurt you as much as other people. We get hurt, we feel bad, we are trying to escape and then we try these bad things. This isn´t that type of an article … Continue reading Killing smoke (3.2.2016)

No matter what you look like (1.2.2016)

  I didn´t mean to write this article like this but it kinda turned out like that. I wanted to answer a simple question which has appearently more possible answers: "Do the clothes you wear affect what type of a person you are ?" So I don´t really know how to start. I guess I will … Continue reading No matter what you look like (1.2.2016)