Things I consider to be true and I refuse to believe otherwise – A poem (9. march )

I believe that Gravity Falls is the best cartoon ever created.
I believe that AC/DC is the best band ever.
I believe that the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song is too much like my life.
that there aren’t enough bookshelves for my reading list
and there never will be.
I beieve that poetry is more powerful than any gun.
I believe that happiness is supposed to come from your heart
but you also need someone you can give it to.
I believe that the best chocolate cake in the world
is the one my grandma used to make.
There might be other ones that might be more chocolaty
but it is her love that tasted so sweet
and I believe she is making one right now in heaven.
I believe that the real angels are right here in this room
and that sunsets are more beautiful than any painting,
that hanging our with your friends is better than any therapy,
that music can heal depression,
that we are here to be happy
and there is no greater purpose in this life.
I believe that the one I love is the best person there is,
that having tea with him and watching the sunrise is all I would need in life,
that his eyes are the most beautiful thing in this universe.
I believe that we aren’t invincible
and there will come a day when we will part
but I also believe when that day comes,
we will be together after it all
because our souls will become one.
Therefore we will become immortal.
I don’t believe we will die together
but I truly hope we will live together
and watch all the sunsets we can
before we realise
that everything we so strongly believed in
did not matter.
All that mattered is that we believed in ourselves and each other.

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