You are still alive – A Poem (4. march 2018)

I do feel bad,
It is not that I am sad
I am just NOT happy.
But it is okay.
We are still blessed.
We are blessed that our biggest problem is
not wanting to eat the food because of, you know, eating disorders
and not that there is actually no food to eat.
It is great that we have anxiety.
That we worry about everything and have pannic attacks
but we don’t have to worry about where we are going to sleep tonight.
I am depressed, quite often.
No news there.
But I am depressed because this guy doesn’t love me
and probably never will
and not because my mother has cancer and is dying in the hospitaô.
We are lucky to be fortunate enough to worry
about love, not being good enough and our insecurities.
Because somewhere in the world there is a teenager just like you and me
and he has the same exact problems
except for him these things don’t matter.
They don’t matter because he has to worry about poverty
and restricting his meals
but not because he wants to lose weight
or because he hates to look at himself
but because he knows there is not enough food left for dinner tomorrow.
And he has a friend.
She is this beautiful, tallented girl who likes to do art.
But she doesn’t have the opportunity to do everything she is capable of.
There are not enough coloures pencils in the orphanage for evseryone to share.
Her hobbies include praying to God for a change,
hoping for someday to have a home,
and painting pictures of her wanted family with her tears.
We are fortunate enough to live the life we do.
We have a warm bed,
a home full of loving people
and all the pencils in the world we would want.
See,the difference between them and us
is that despite all those things they don’t have
they are able to appreciate what they do.
They have each other which makes them sort of HAPPY.
And we have all of these things
and yet none of us care to look around
and see that the most important things we need
are already there.
You do have friends, families
and in any given situation
it is enough to have
somebody who cares about you
in a way that you don’t need anything else but that person.
Therefore, we ought to change how we see this world.
There is hope withing every day,
there is laughter after every cry,
there is life after tragedy,
there is healing after every pain,
there is happiness inside every one of us.
We shall not seek it in other people or things,
we should try to find it within ourselves.
Because no matter how bad your anxiety, depression or eating disorder is,
your heart is beating and your lungs are full of air,
you are still alive
and THAT is what matters.
LOVE QUOTE : قالب وردپرس

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