Happiness makes you BEAUTIFUL – Mental Health Mondays

You are beautiful! You might not believe it but you are. The thing is that me saying it doesn’t change the way you feel about yourself. And it is the truth. Truthfully it shouldn’ actually because beauty comes from the inside. What I mean is that YOU need to think you are beautiful. I used to think that when somebody would think I’m pretty I would think the same but it doesn’t work that way. Just like when somebody loves you it doesn’t make you love yourself. You need to realise that we are all just people and nobody is perfect. Even those pretty people have some ugly moments in their lives. But this is the good thing though. You can control the way you look to a certain extent. You have control over your muscles and how your body is going to look. You can control what you eat and whether you work out or not. You have control over how much make up you wear or whetehr you use skin care products which can help make your skin better. You have control over the cokour of your hair and how it looks in general. And you have control over what you wear which can say a little bit about what kind of person you are. And I am saying this because in a way you have control over what kind of person you want to be and you can create a person you can love. I am not saying that you should be fake. I am saying that you can be who you truly are by doing all this in the way YOU would do it. Because I know that most people don’t like who they are because of the way they look. However, the truest thing I learned is that nobody can make you love yourself unless you truly do love yourself and you are the one who can make you feel truly beautiful and no one else has that kind of power. See, I like myself now and there is a person who constantly says I am ugly and it does hurt me but it doesn’t change my self worth and what I think of myself. And there are many other people as well who think I am beautiful but I used to hate myself and their opinions of me didn’t change the way I felt. The only opinion that matters is mine. Because I do like myself and I am going to improve my looks and make myself look just the way I want to. 

sooo true

But honestly, the greatest thing that makes a person beautiful comes from the inside. It is confidence and a smile. Because when you love yourself, you think you are beautiful and you are happy with who you are as a person then you are absolutely gorgeous. And it changes so much about a person. People have told me I am more beautiful but it is not really the way I dress or that my body changed a bit, it is that I am happy. And happy people are beautiful. So please, if you don’t like who you are or the way you look, try tro find that happiness and beauty inside you because nobody else can do that. Self worth and self love are more important than anyone else’s opinion. 

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