Anxiety – You are what you believe you are – Mental Health Mondays

I was just thinking about how strange it feel that I had anxiety. Because as of right now I don’t really experience it (crossing my fingers). Back then when I had it, it was bad and I believe it is something that is not something you like possess. I don’t really know how to put this into words but if you have anxiety then you CAN get rid of it but I also believe it can come back. Like if you lose weight but then go on a different path you can still gain weight regardless of teh fact that you once lost it. So basically my anxiety could come back but as of right now I don’t experience anxiety. Which is like, bless. But there is this thing that made it even more difficult. I used to believe you couldn’t fight it, that it was just a part of you and it was never gonna be any different. That’s what I was told from a youtuber because she experienced anxiety and therefore I believed it. But I don’t think it is true. And the fact that I believed it so much that I had anxiety and I was gonna have it forever made the anxiety even worse. There were certain events where in my mind I just believed I was gonna have anxiety and I truly ended up having an anxiety attack.But then as I started my journey in my mind with self love and fighting for confidence, I just didn’t believe I was gonna be anxious because I changed my mindset. We performed a play where I thought I was gonna collapse but I didn’t. And that scared me a bit because I was confused. I thought I was supposed to have anxiety there but I just didn’t. Therefore, in a way, anxiety can be influenced by what you believe. If you believe you can’t escape it, you can’t fight it, you can’t get rid of it then you won’t.It’s hard to feel like you can’t breathe, I know, I have been there but maybe if you change what you believe in, you might fight it, you might win, you might finally find peace in your soul. 

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