What is the point of life? – On Suicide part 2 – Claire Wineland inspired – Mental Health Mondays

There was a girl named Claire Wineland. She suffered from cystic fibroses her whole life. The sad thing is that I talk about her in past tense. She passed away on September 2nd 2018 after getting a lung transplant and having a stroke. She was taken off life support. What is interesting about her is that she was so excited about life. She just wanted to make something of her life. Claire was also a motivational speaker and she said that we are living in a society which kind of forces us to be happy and look for  happiness but she wanted to simply enjoy every moment of it. 

And that is where I thouht about it a little. You know, I do want a life that is happy but happiness is temporary and sadness is temporary. I like to simply EMBRACE EVERY MOMENT. I do think that it is more fulfilling, at least for me, to live a life where there is more happiness than sadness. But that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Some people might prefer a life where there is more sadness or excitement or adventure or whatever emotion you want. That is up to you. However be ware that all of that isn’t everlasting. To be honest, I like to embrace my sadness and those moments which are sad. The roses inbetween my sunflowers. My poems that I write which are so truthful and emotional came from sadness and vulnerability and that is what makes them so good. I don’t think there is anything wrong with sadness. Be sad if you need to, be happy if you need to, just BE if you need to.

As for suicide. It is so sad that someone would take something others fight so hard for. And I know that means nothing in that moment. When you are suicidal nothing matters. Not your friends, family, the happy moments you had, the memories you’ve made. In that moment you simply want the pain to go away. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to die for that to happen. I also get that you don’t see a point in your life. Well, the amazing thing is that you have the power to live your life however you want to live it. Things are going to happen that you can’t control but there are things you can control like the person you are, the person you want to be and how you want to live your life. Because as Claire said: “Death is inevitable but living a life we are proud of is something we can control.” I feel like we can live our lives however we want, we won’t ever be “ready” to die. Maybe if you die from old age but no matter how much I think about it….I don’t wanna die. You know, there are so many things I still want to do but I think that at some point you won’t get to do all of those things. That is why you should in my opinion do something you love and enjoy it at that moment for what it is. Because it might be the last thing you do but it might not. You never know.

Exactly. #lifequotes #lifeadvice #lifelessons #quotesforlife #quotesforyou

There is no point for ending your life. SUICIDE doesn’t make the pain go away. It makes everything go away. It doesn’t find you a point in life. It makes all the possible points of life disappear. It goes from pain and sadness into nothing. And pain and sadness are way better than nothing. It is all temporary.

Rest in Peace Claire Wineland ❤


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