Does an illness limit your LIFE?

First of all…..I broke my leg. I know, funny enough it wasn’t while skating and stuff. I fell in the bathroom. Anyway, I kind of miss walking and skating and just running around, biking, having adventures. But I know that after one month I will get to do all of these things again. And then I thought about the fact that there are actually people who don’t get to do all of that because some people don’t even have legs or are permanently handicapped. My first thought is to feel sorry for them because it sucks you know. It does. But those people are also people and just because they have a disability doesn’t mean that they are not amazing people or that they can’t achieve amazing things in life. Of course there are unfortunately limits to that. I assume that someone who can’t use their legs and is in a wheelchair probably can’t play football. But I might be wrong. For the most part I think that it is up to the person’s attitude. Because to some extent you can do anything you want to. Just because you have an illness or a disability doesn’t mean you can’t live up to your full potential or achieve your dreams. Just like this broken leg of mine. Yes, I miss skating a lot and biking and walking and all of that but I can do a whole bunch of other things like write and paint and read. It is not gonna stop me from truly living. Because sometimes I feel like life seems to stop when things like this happen. But even on those days when you are sick you are alive. You get every day as a gift so you should enjoy it. For example the other day I had zero energy and even today I had zero energy so all I had the energy to do was watch something. So I watched Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride. And even though I could not do anything else I was so happy that day because I freaking love Tim Burton movies. I was happy. I enjoyed that day. That is the way I aspire to live every day.

Red Band Society & Fault in Our Stars “Everyone thinks that when you go to the hospital, life stops. But it’s the opposite. Life starts.” Reading a lot of bad reviews...Don't hate, some people can relate!

Red Band Society is the perfect example that you CAN live and have adventures even despite an illness or disease. ❤

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