Self harm scars – Mental Health Mondays

This photo you can see is what isnpired me to write this. I saw this photo and for some reason the scars didn’t look like something that shouldn’t be there. Yes, it is sad that someone had to go through that but the amazing thing is that they got out of it. I am lucky because you can’t really see my scars unless I want to show you. Back then I had my inner voice which told me not to cut too deep because for some reason I knew I would get out of it. I knew. I didn’t wanna live with bad scars for the rest of my life. But even if they would’ve stayed there, I wouldn’t see them as something that bad. I am not gonna lie to you, having them as so called “battle scars” is not poetic. There is nothing poetic or beautiful about bloody, fresh cuts. A lot of self harmers like to believe so because of stupid Pinterest, Tumblr and WeHeartIt quotes. It is stupid that the internet makes you believe this stuff. However when those scars are healed, they are a part of you and you can’t hate your scars for the rest of your life. Accept them.  I am thankful for them in a way. Yes, it hurts to think about the fact that at some point I felt so bad that I thought I had to punish myself and cut my skin. But on the other hand I always think about the fact that I have come so far. I believe that it is absolutely magnificent that my mind went from that place to this happiness where I am now.

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Without that period in my life I wouldn’t be here fighting against self harm, I wouldn’t be here trying to help people get out of those bad times. I wouldn’t be me. And yes, there were many times where I was “recovered”and I cut again. It happens. But each of those times I learned why I did it and I learned that those reasons weren’t worth it. If there is a person who is making you feel in a way that you need to cut afterwards, don’t be friends with them ebcause a person who makes you feel taht bad is not worth it. You don’t deserve to feel that way and you can get out of it if you want to. Get help. Please. 

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Here are some helpful links because I am not a profesional. I just write from my own experience.



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