Hard Work beats Talent

I did this “painting” the other day on a cork notice board. I got some messages saying I was tallented which is really appreciated but it got me thinking. I don’t really think I have that much talent actually. Yes, my mum did paint and go to Art school but I was never really good at drawing or painting actually. I went to art school but I feel like it was simply me believing I was good at it and me dedicating time to drawing and painting. For me painting and drawing is a skill that I perfected and practiced for years and now I am good at it. I worked hard to get where I am.

Writing is like this as well. I was never good at writing anything. But then I wrote this story for English one year and my teacher said I should be writing scripts or something. That was the day I made a folder in my Computer titled “writer”. And then I turned to writing when I needed it and I strongly believed and I still do that I am supposed to be a writer and I AM gonna be a writer. I believe it and I work on it. I do the things that I need to do in order to be one and I don’t give a damn about the people who say I can’t do it. If you work hard, put time into something you really wanna be good at then you will be good at it. Because Hard Work beats Talent when talent fails to work hard.

Star Wars quotes

I love to do the impossible. ❤ 

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