Someone died today…On Suicide and Death itself

Today is a sad day after all. Someone in my family died today. I didn’t know them very well and I am not gonna go into details because it is personal but I do have to say that it was an unnecessary death. I am obviously kind of bumped out about it and also angry because the person could’ve lived longer.

It is unbelievable that someone disappears in just like a snap, in a time that is no longer than a second. It is harsh. Death is a real thing. I have only experienced one funeral but it truly showed me what death meant. You see the person you once knew, not moving, not talking, not seing you. ( I am literally shaking even ). I can’t imagine how it must be to lose a best friend, a partner, a mother or father like that. You have these memories with a person and sometimes you even shared a life together because you’ve known them for so long and then they are just gone. And the thing about it is, there is usually no goodbye. Sometimes you might not even talk for a while and they vanish forever and you don’t get a chance to “Call them tomorrow. Write them tomorrow. See them tomorrow.” You only have today. Do it NOW. 

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It also makes me sad that there is such a thing called suicide. We often forget to appreciate how much we have, how big of a gift it is to just being able to live. It might sound cheesy but right now I am extremely serious. We have so much in this life – sunsets, memories, friends, family, love, emotions, heartbreak, sadness, tears – all of it. It is a privelage to be able to experience them. There are people whose time is cut unfairly short and yet there are people who are willing to cut it short themselves. It is unfair to life itself and to the people who would’ve wanted to live for even just one more day.

If you take one thing out of this article, let it be this: Go talk to the people you haven’t talked to in a while, see them, text them, hug them, kiss them, appreciate them, love them. Because unfortunately death usually comes unexpectedly and you don’t get to say goodbye.

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