My Progress in my Eating Disorder Recovery – Mental Health Mondays

I have written two articles on this topic lately. I wrote about my trigger foods and food rules and the eating disorder recovery challenge I want to take. I have decides to write something positive because even though I still struggle, I’ve made a lot of progress as well.

1.) I don’t measure my oatmeal anymore – I used to weight  my oatmeal and get an exact amount of grams every time. We don’t do that here anymore. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

2.) I manage to eat ice cream most of the time without feeling anxious

3.) I eat a normal amount of calories per day – this is probably the greatest one honestly

4.) I eat “all” foods – Except the trigger foods I am working on but I eat mostly everything. There was a point where I excluded like 10 foods from my diet because I thought they were bad.

5.) I eat chocolate flavoured yoghurt – I would not eat any chocolate flavoured yoghurts before because I claimed them to be unhealthy because of chocolate but now I only eat chocolate flavoured ones.

I can’t really think of any other points to add. But I am proud of myself. I hope to make even more progress and conquer my fears regarding food. It is really a strange concept because in a way I am recovered because I do eat “normally” I guess but I am still triggered by some things and I don’t think that is good. However I believe I can do this, I am going to do this. I really really want to.

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