School and Anxiety

I feel like school brings out my anxiety a lot. It started last year. I am proud of myself. But for me, it also takes a lot of work, time and effort to achieve those grades. I think that I am a pretty slow learner and reader but I am capable of learning a lot and quite well. However, especially with the final exams coming this year, I get overwhelmed and the amount of things we have to learn scares me, I get anxious and then I procrastinate. This is never good. So I felt like giving you some tips because I think it might help those who struggle with the same thing. Mind that anxiety and stress are different. I literally get chest pains, my heart hurts a lot and it is hard to breathe when I get anxious. Stress is nervouseness and you can breathe. 

  1. Calm Down and Analyse the situation – I know it is hard to actually calm down but listen to me: “The fact that it scares you doesn’t change the fact that you are going to have to do it anyway.” I mean you can choose just not to learn or do the HW but I if you actually want to get good grades then choose learning. The test is going to come anyway so you either prepare and get a good mark or don’t prepare. You can’t prevent the test from happening.
  2. Break it down into simpler tasks – You know, it scares me. The idea of the whole exams. It is A LOT. However doing only one thing at a time doesn’t scare me and that is how I get things done. Just forget about everything you have to do and focus on one subject. On one test, one homework. And I also know that you are going to be like: “But I have too much. There is no way I can get everything done.” Shhhhh. Just do what you can, do one thing at a time. The time you spend procrastinating, being anxious could’ve been used to do those things.
  3. Take breaks – You need to wind down as well. If you completed something, learned for a test. Reward yourself.
  4. p.s.: try using a fidget spinner. It helps me.

I also want to say that don’t take the whole thing so seriously. I used to have straight A’s. Then I had those two horrible years with my grades because of certain issues. Last year I proved to myself that I could get straight A’s again. I did. But towards the end of the schoolyear I had two B’s I think from Maths and Physics. I settled for them. I could’ve gotten better grades but I  was absolutely exhausted in my soul. I did the state exams and got an A which was my big accomplishment and I was happy about that. It was simply up to me. School is important but your mental health and well being is more important and I put that as my number one priority now. Also, from certain subjects I don’t have the best abilities and I have to put extra effort and time in order to have good grades which sometimes isn’t what I truly want. Therefore I settle for a B. It is okay to not be perfect. The time I would put into tose subjects can be used for doing something I truly want. Because the thing is. If you want to have straight A’s later on, you might have to sacrifice something. It is either your time spent with friends or time spent doing the things you love ( like hobbies ) or you achieve it with cheating. Noone is perfect. Just do your best but put your Mental Health first.  

Your kid's mental health is more important than their grades

this is so ironic because I usually schedule my articles so this went live and it was exactly yesterday that I got into a fight with my mum because of a bad grade I got. LIke my anxiety during the examintaion was undescribable and it was so bad that I had to leave class. She doesn’t understand the word anxiety unfortunately.

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