One last bad day – Mental Health Mondays

Okay, this is hard to be honest. I have been trying to get myself together. My anxiety has been bad, it is better now but it is hard to try to push yourself to do schoolwork at the same time. To  be honest, I simply feel guilty for staying home because I think that my teachers are going to think that I am slacking school. I figured, I always think I can’t learn the stuff for school but then I realised that sometimes I don’t even try. I will try and give it my all today. I am going to rise, I am going to put my mental health first and do it. I believe I can. I just wanna live life you know.

I just need time. And I will allow myself this one last “bad day” of not going to school but actually learning. I am not going to miss out on life because of anxiety. Screw that. I want to set a good example for others. I want to show people that I can do it. Which means that you can do it as well. It is easy to just do things when you are fine but when you fall and do it despite that, you are a HERO. I am going to kick anxiety in the ass and beat this as well. All of the mental illnesses can come towards me, I am fine with that. I am going to beat every one of you.

My son, my hero.


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