A list of “Impossibles” I achieved

My anxiety makes me beleie I can’t do anything and that I am not good enough and worthless. Well, let me tell ya anxiety. There are things I thought were impossible for me and I didn’t think I would make them and then I did. So let me remind you of the amazing things I have achieved.

1.) I learned how to skate  – lifelong dream of mine

2.) I had straight As again – After two awful years at school I achieved my straight As again and I am proud of that.

3.) I passed my state exams in English – C1 and got an A. That was hard and I was anxious and I did it. I blew them away.

4.) I freaking got my driver’s licence. This is the most unbelievable out of all of those to be honest. Forst of all I had a broken leg plus extreme anxiety before the exam and during and like two weeks before it as well. I broke down mentally many times before it and yet somehow I did it. And there were two kids who didn’t and I did. I mean….wow.

So f*ck you anxiety cause I did all that and I think I can do much more in the future. Don’t let your anxiety control your life. You control your life.

“I love to do the IMPOSSIBLE.”


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