Diary Days – n. 18 – Enjoy the sadness

We hung out the other day with my friend and for some reason I felt utterly sad.. I reminded myself of the last time we hung out like that and the last time I felt that type of sadness. It was when we watched “Love, Simon” and afterwards we listened to “Wild Heart” from the movie and I rambled about the person I loved. I was really sad and emotional that day and I enjoyed it. I am strange like that but I do enjoy my sadness. For a long time I was fighting for this perfect, happy life and I did reach it but after a while it got boring. You see, even when you reach this ultimate happiness and everything is perfect, it is not exciting after a while. I personally was afraid of change because I didn’t like everything being different but I have grown to crave it. Every now and then I need change – new projects, goals, new people, new creators to admire, new loves, new feelings. And for that reason I do love when I fall down into this hole of emotions and sadness. I feel human when I just lay there with my sadness thinking about a person I love, heartbroken because they do not care for me just as much as I do for them.  It sounds sad but usually I just wake up the next day and go about my life as if it didn’t happen doing my thing, working on my stuff. Call me crazy, but for me that is a great part of life – being sad sometimes.

The Beach : The Neighbourhood | clara "Si te dijiera que te ame Dime que dirias? Si te dijiera que te odio Te vas a ir?".

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