I know that it is a Mental Health Monday but it is also Christmas here in my country today. Therefore I have decided to not drag that here now. I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

I used to be so hung upon the idea of presents and stuff. But now I have come to the point in my life where presents don’t really matter to me anymore. I still love making them and giving them because the whole process of creating something with love and putting my soul into it is quite enjoyable. However I don’t expect anything at all anymore. Yes, I am incredibly happy to receive gifts but I feel like with or without them I would still be happy. Things don’t make me as happy as people do. I am more thankful for the fact that I have my brother here for a longer time than a weekend and that I have my mum, that I have my friends and the fact that I get to talk to them, laugh with them and love them. I enjoy watching Christmas movies, eating cookies because fuck the ED, it is Christmas. I just love being alive and being fortunate enough to have a regular Christmas. We have out gorgeous tree, christmas decorations, presents under the tree and each other. I can’t help but to think about the fact that there are people less fortunate than me who don’t get to have Christmas like that. There are kids in the orphanage who are spending yet another Christmas not in a regular family, homeless people without a roof to put the tree under. It just makes me sad. I am very much aware that there are people who do have more than me and get expensive things as presents but I am also aware that there are people who have even less than me. Since my father left Christmas hasn’t been the same but I enjoy it more because I appreciate my family more. It is not about the presents at all because there are infinite things you could get if you had the money but it wouldn’t make you happier. Those things are temporary, they get worn out, used, damaged. The time spent with your loved ones is is the most expensive thing you could get for Christmas because you can’t get that time back nor can you put a price tag on it. I am just glad to have my peaceful holiday with the ones I love and I hope you appreciate that the most as well.

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