Live for today, tomorrow may never come

I used to live my life worrying about things that were yet to come. I would be out with friends but in the back of my mind I was planning what I was going to learn first for the next day. It wasn’t really fulfilling. What changed me was Claire Wineland. The idea of not chasing happiness made me see life for what it truly was. Now, no matter if it is a sad day, bad day, happy day, an okay day I just make sure that I would be content with how my life is in that moment. I somehow practice this idea of dying every day because in a way we do die each day we are here, we are dying from the moment we are born. It is this ever ending cycle. The thing is that we blindly do things that don’t matter and we put effort and time into things that are not worth it. I studied stupid things that do not interest me and I still got a bad mark. Not worth it. Sometimes I get scared of dying. I just think to myself: “I am this soul in this body that does things as a machine. What for? What is the point of it all if I am going to die anyway?” And that is the thing, you can die in any moment, on any day. So to live in a way that you wait for the weekend, for summer, for Christmas break to finally be happy is stupid. I make sure that each day I do not just survive, do things as a robot for society, I live. I write every day now….truly every day because it fulfills me and makes me happy. I talk to my best friends every day because on my last day I would talk to them. No matter how much I have to study, I have tea with my mum and we ramble about random things. I do it because it matters. Watch the sunset, take pictures to remember these moments, hang out with the people who matter to you and do what you utterly love, what you are passionate about. School might be important, the things that you have to do are important but there is more to this life than that. There is a life to be lived. So go and live it.  

That's not living.

I simply believe that you shouldn’t be wasting your life. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether you are ditching school in order to do something you love. The point is that you enjoy it. I hate waiting and waisting time because time is killing you and waisting it seems unnecessary.

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