BOSS HABBITS and hacks for achieving your GOALS in 2019

I wanted to put Girlboss but this is a place for everyone. ALL OF US SHOULD BE KILLIN’ IT you know. So here are some helpful tips that might help you achieve your goals in 2019.

STEP 1: COFFEE (xd) – Like not really but yes as well. I have a slight and when I say slight I mean very serious coffee addiction. But what I meant is get yourself a POWER DRINK of your choice. I think it helps. Just make a bevarage that is going to be your “I’m killing it” drink.

  1. JUST DO YOUR BEST – A lot of times I am actually very overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do, I get anxious and end up procrastinating. So I tell myself to just do my best and get a little bit done. Something is better than nothing. It actually tricks me and I keep working and get more done than I intended to.
  2. GET SOME SLEEP – I don’t sleep enough. I am very very busy. Have a lot of schoolwork and just generally a lot of things in my life that I work on and I need to work on this. If you get more sleep, you are going to feel better and you probably won’t end up drinking four cups of coffee a day like me. Sleep will keep you energized and you can do more things in a day because you won’t be tired as soon as the sun goes down.
  3. EAT HEALTHY AND WORK OUT – This is pretty easy to say and hard to do. The gist of it is that you should choose foods that are nutritious and will make you feel good. And work out, stretch, run, do yoga…whatever suits you in order to feel good. It is all about how it will make you feel. I believe this is pretty important for your overall well being and it will affect how well you do at work/school.
  4. PLAN THINGS – I plan everything. I like to check things off my to do list. You need to find the right balance here. I often just write a to do list and don’t really plan that much because when I schedule every chunk of my day it gets boring and I am unmotivated. It just feels like a chore after some time. Plan your workout, plan your time when you are going to do your work but don’t make it a strict schedule because life is life and things happen. Make sure you spend time with friends and family as well.
  5. BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING – I think that the major key to achieving your goals is believing in yourself and in the fact that you can do it. I have many crazy goals which seem unrealistic but the truth is that it is only up to you. I am often my own worst enemy because I am overwhelmed by the fact that I could actually achieve my goals and dreams. But it is only my thoughts. YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING. You have to put in hard work, effort, time and consistency. Things don’t happen overnight but if you keep working on what you want in your life, you will get it.

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