Comparing yourself to people on Social Media (Followers, likes, insta stories)

Social media is poison. It really is. I made my Instagram account like two years ago in order to promote my blog and that is what it was for a long time. Just my articles and some sunsets. There did come a point though when we did our first play finally last year and at the time I was working so freaking hard on my confidence and Crazy helped me so much. It is unbelievable. So I decided to finally post some pics about me because I felt like I was not self conscious anymore and I was comfortable with people seeing how I looked. It didn’t take long and somehow I gained twice as many followers just because I posted pictures now.

But then my confidence dropped again to like freaking Tartarus and I started using social media as a way to boost my confidence. It wasn’t a good kind of attitude though because it felt like I was hungry for likes, followers and attention. I used to just stalk who watched my stories and look for those one or two names in there. Everybody does that. I found myself posting every single thing I did on my story and posting pictures like two times a week. It really becomes annoying actually. I annoy myself. Even though it was mostly positive quotes and stuff like that, it is annoying. It feels as if you live your whole life on social media. And then I somehow fell into this rut of putting as many hashtags as you can for people to find you, comparing how many followers you and your friends have. What the ratio is between how many people you follow and that follow you. Looking at what pics get the most likes. It’s just….no. Don’t do that. It is also almost like trying to prove to other people how great your life is. You don’t need to prove it. You have to feel it and know it.

Therefore my conclusion is:

  1. You don’t need to post everything on social media. –  It is good when you live more of a private life. It is fun when people actually get to know each other and are not able to find out everything about each other simply from a profile.
  2. Who cares who likes you? –  Guess what? Someone hates you. If you are good at something, someone always hates you. Actually, you just need to be a person and someone hates you. It is because all people have different taste. The only important person who has to like you is YOU! And like, try to do things that make you happy and never try to please people because most people only care for a second about the things that you do and then they forget. Therefore you need to do those things you are always going to like.
  3. You don’t need to say everything – You can think stuff for yourself but you don’t always need to say them. It is true for the good or the bad. Commenting or reacting too much to people gives the idea that you are obsessed with them even if you are not and mean it in a good way. It will sound ironic from me but Some things are better left unsaid.
  4. You are going to loose and gain followers all the time. You do it too. You follow people, you unfollow. It is not a big deal for you. So don’t be sad when you lose people. It’s stupid.

Social media is the worse thing to happen to this world! Cut it out. Can’t stress it enough.

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