“Have to” be a GIRL (On Beauty and having a pretty face)

Let’s just say I am a bit irritated by all of these “things” like…Why am I expected to put on makeup and focus so much on looking good? Why am I expected to wear high heels at a formal event? They were created for men originally. I don’t care if this is gonna be controversial, I hate this. Why does it matter so much how I look? Why are some guys telling me more compliments on my looks rather than on who I am? Why am I expected to be this pretty thing? Don’t get me wrong, I know that I can do whatever the hell I want to and everyone should be able to but

Sometimes I do feel like I am expected to be a certain way just because I am a girl.

Like prom for example. Yes, I did wear my high heels and dress and I had to put on makeup and stuff, it was fun in a way but Gosh darn did I hate those shoes. I love my hoodies, my boots, my jeans and my Rocker jacket. I guess I am quite boyish and sometimes I do “compromises” as my friend said in order to look good but I am quite boyish. “Sometimes I feel like all society wants me to be is this pretty thing.” Why is it that a “girls’ day” consists of getting your nails done, hair done and shop for clothes. It is like a girl is expected to make her appearance a high priority. Why? A guy’s day consists of doing something fun like bowling or I don’t know. There have been guys who kept texting me, kept saying “May I see you?” which is a trick to be honest. The gist of it is that they just asked for pics and wanted to see me and they didn’t even care for who I was really. There wasn’t a question about what I loved to do or my life. It was simply based on looks. I do put an effort into my looks these days but I can do so much more than that. I am so much prouder of the things I have achieved and learned to do than my appearance.

I can be pretty if I try I guess but I am so much more than that.

Fotka Miriam Kovácsovej.

4 thoughts on ““Have to” be a GIRL (On Beauty and having a pretty face)

  1. The society puts standards on everyone. Even the guys. You have to be handy, gotta know how to drive (a big pet peeve of mine), you have to be the one to take care of the decisions (often) and so on. It is not all black and white, even though I do agree that the standards you present do exist and are not right imo. But we, as humans, are not ready yet to abandon our biases and prejudices, therefore a fancy dress will be expected at a formal action, alongside of the suit and a tie for guys, for quite some time I believe.

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    1. i do agree that guys have certain expectations as well….I am aware…i just wanted to write it from a girl’s point of view….it is just awful in a way that we have these expectations, isn’t it? but i also think that without them there would be chaos.


  2. To me, being a “girl” means being strong and f’n owning it! I consider myself a tomboy. ALways have been amd always will be. Even get along with guys better because we have more in common. I have never had my nails done, or my hair did, or a massage. Whatever. I guess I don’t care anymore because I am an old fart. Society’s standards can really suck. Own who you are and rock it!

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