If you feel like you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be with anyone

A lot of times we feel like what we are offered is all that we deserve. We feel like we  are not worth having the person we like. Don’t put yourself into that position. I feel like I did put myself into that position. I went on telling guys noone ever liked me, that noone ever took me out and so on but in reality that is not true. I was liked, I went out with guys. Yes, it is true that those things did not work out and therefore I denied the fact that I did those things. Don’t think so little of yourself. Your past experiences may not have been great but they happened. It is okay to know that you deserve better. KNOW YOUR SELF WORTH. There might be people who want to be with you and it is okay to say that you don’t want to be with them because not everyone deserves your attention, your time, your words, your affection and not everyone has the right to “have your heart”.

Work on yourself, heal from your past crushes, heartbreaks before you like or date anyone else. I feel like I never truly healed from that first heartbreak and ever since I just fell for every cute guy around me as if somehow looking to be liked because I got rejected. Like…no. Find that self love somehow. Work on it. I used to say that “Love is sacrifice” but it is not. It shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t need to give all you are to a person and get nothing back. You are better than that.

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