Let’s get Uncomfortable – n.1 – My views on drugs and alcohol

I think you gotta be sad to do drugs. That is how I see it. Some teens and young adults might do them just for fun every once in a while but they can be dangerous if you get used to them or addicted. To write on drugs all together is strange because there are some which I don’t even get why they exist. For example “crocodile”. It basically eats you up to the bone. Who the hell in their right mind would do that? It is straight up suicide in slow motion. It’s sad because if you think about it there is nothing good with that drug. People might get the feeling of relief but you can do that with any other drug. I think it is basically for money. Some people don’t care about the well being of others and sell whatever they can just to get money. I don’t know people, I do not approve of drugs alltogether. Do anything else but that. Maybe weed or sg like that can be okay if you do it at a party once or something along those lines but you should be very careful because these things destroy people’s lives.

“I don’t drink often but when I do, it is fun.” XD I saw that quote once on a wall and it was hilarious in my opinion. But yeah, I do not drink often. And the first time I drank was actually on my 18th birthday. Yeah, I was that kid. I used to be quite conservative and didn’t want to break the rules and do things that were forbidden. I do not think there is anything wrong with alcohol in a small amount. There are some which are quite tasty but most of them are not. And I think people don’t drink them because they taste good but to get drunk. It can get you into a good mood but some people take it to extremes and become alcoholics. It is a sad life – one of an alcoholic I think. What I never really understood was that people drink to get drunk and then they eat so they wouldn’t be drunk. So the drinking becomes just meaningless. They drink just to drink. I do not like drinking that much because it makes my ED go crazy as you can imagine. Cause it has calories to begin with and they you gotta eat. Yeah. Most of the time when I drink it is on occasions like prom. I don’t really go drinking every Friday and so. And even then I drink just to drink. I am not forced to. I want to try new things but it is not essential.  What I have come to, because I never really understood why people drink, is that we are saaaad. Like, sad. Many people drink away their sadness. They do not show it but they are sad and full of emotions which might go away with alcohol but that depends on the person. But it is not always that. Sometimes it is for fun but I have experienced tha “fun” ending up in a bad way. XD I dunno man. I am not oppose to it. I just don’t encourage young kids to drink.

p.s: Everything in moderation but pls don’t do drugs that can destroy you.

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