Myths about Eating Disorders

This Eating Disorder has been going on for five years now. That’s a long time and that fact makes me want to cry. I feel like some people might say I am faking it or that it is not real just because of what they see me do or what I show or because of my weight. Honestly, thank God that I have always had so many people looking out for me that I could never take it as far that I would be underweight. I used to say I was anorexic which is because I had anorexic behaviours. I was never underweight but that doesn’t make it less valid or less true.  (It honestly makes me wanna cry because it is so true and it is a problem) I think I am overweight yet I undereat and then I eat big amounts of food. People see me eat a lot which is why it makes me feel bad. It really depends on the day to be honest. Anyway, don’t wanna make this too long so here we go.

  1. “You have to be underweight to have an Eating Disorder” – You don’t. There is no “sick enough” or “underweight enough” to establish that you have a problem. There is an ED called EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) and there are many actually but if you are undereating, bingeing, purging, have these awful bad thoughts about your body, body check, have safe and fear foods….you do have a problem.
  2. “People with EDs don’t eat.” – They do. People with EDs don’t want to die. They either want to be skinny or control what they eat. They either eat very little or purge or something along those lines. And they actually binge sometimes. That is when you restricted for a long time so then you go eat a lot of food at once. Bulimics would then purge.
  3. They are  signs of something else, like depression. – They are awful but it doesn’t have to be a sign of depression. I still have the ED when I am happy or when I am depressed. Depression can make it a lot worse or it can developp because of depression but it doesn’t have to.
  4. You have to be diagnosed in order to say that you have an ED – I was never diagnosed but I  know that I did have a problem and still do. I don’t think you have to be diagnosed. My behaviours, my thoughts were not normal.

I want to end on a positive note. People might assume things about EDs or doubt whether it is true that you have one. It doesn’t matter. What it comes down to is whether you are mentally and physically healthy.  That is all that matters. Take care.




6 thoughts on “Myths about Eating Disorders

  1. I really like the point of people seeing the victims of ED eat much. This (even though I do not have ED) happened to me a lot when I was at my skinniest. All of my friends were like “you eat so freaking much, but you are skeleton-skinny”. Noone took into account that after those two pizzas my diet consisted of mostly salads and chicken in completely normal portion sizes. This can indeed be very misleading.

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    1. exactly…..tbh this week has been very hard…even now my thoughts are loud AF and my way of coping with it is eating a is like me saying SHUT UP! SHUT UP!…..and all week i just heared comments like “You eat so much” but last week I barely ate anything, It makes me feel bad and I know that as soon as I get back to school it is gonna be restricting again.


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