If you currently have a CRUSH, read this

I don’t know much about relationships and how they work but I have had quite a few crushes. There are many people in my surroundings right now who do have a crush and it is not so uncommon which is why I wanted to write this.

First of all, go for it. I believe there is a certain amount of time you should wait to get to know each other, talk a bit and such but if you feel like you are ready (which you never really truly are) then tell them (this is mostly for guys I think). I have told my crushes I liked them before because I do have the balls to do it but it never really quite worked out that way. The point is that you shouldn’t waste time, just tell them because life is short. If you don’t tell them or at least try to do something about it then the answer is always going to be “no”.

However if you can tell that they are not that into you which means they don’t text you, talk to you, leave you on read or so then this is not such a good idea and you should probably find someone who is a better match for you.

Second of all, you should simply live your life. Do what you love and don’t let life stop just because you like someone. Don’t let this consume all of you because even if you are going to be in a relationship you are going to have to live and do things regardless of your feelings.

Third of all, and what if they don’t like you? The most important thing is that you like yourself. You are going to be rejected in your life many times but it doesn’t mean you are any less of a person. You are still you whether they like you or not. You are awesome, smart, good looking and great.

Love your life and someone is going to come around sooner or later. If this crush doesn’t work out, move on. Don’t worry about it too much. You are enough without anyone else. You are complete. And I also believe everything happens for a reason and things are supposed to happen the way they do. If you lose someone, find someone or knew someone even for a short amount of time, it was for a reason. And with that I want to say this –  I was out with one of my friends and we talked about relationships and she said this:


At first I didn’t really know what purpose it had to go with her, I just wanted to talk to someone and have fun but she said that and that was the purpose of that encounter with her. That is what I am going to keep in mind in the future and maybe you could, too.

VSCO - insta// emilyeichnerr🤩🤩 | emilyeichnerr

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