A list of THINGS THAT ARE OKAY and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it – Mental Health Mondays

A lot if times I feel really bad about many things. I spend most of nights beating myself up about the simple. small mistakes I have done in my past and everything that I did or do wrong. Therefore I am here to tell you a list of things that are OKAY and you really shouldn’t feel bad about it.

It is okay to:

  1. feel sad sometimes
  2. have bad days
  3. not have straight As
  4. have bad grades at subjects that you are not good at
  5. stay home from school because of your mental health
  6. feel insecure sometimes – we all do
  7. take some time for yourself and rest
  8. not go to the party or meeting because you don’t feel like so
  9. stay home on friday nights – it is not lame
  10. not drink
  11. not love what everyone else loves
  12. be yourself and be differend! please always be yourself
  13. be the nerd, geek, quiet kid (we are all unique)
  14. stand out
  16. post as much as you want on social media
  17. or not post at all
  18. wear whatever the hell you want to
  19. do whatever makes you happy regardless of whether it is percieved as lame, awkward or anything by other people -do what makes you happy
  20. make mistakes
  21. cut out people who no longer “Serve you” – who make you feel bad
  22. end the relationship with the person you loved even after a long time
  23. unfollow or block the people who hurt you, make you feel awful about yourself

I think that is a fine list. I just feel like Anxiety, Perfectionism and overall the pressure from society can be strong sometimes. So just don’t think about every mistake you make. We are all just flawed, imperfect people who tend to do stupid things sometimes

Honesty is always the best policy.

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