What if you had only 1 DAY TO LIVE?

I don’t really think that I necessarily fear death. It is more the idea of not being able to live and do all these things we always wanted to do. I am somehow constantly aware of the fact that I am going to die one day and I do crazy shit because of it because in all those years to come it won’t matter. I am not doing anything that is gonna get me into jail but I do crazy shit. Sometimes it is okay to break the rules and do things you are not really supposed to because it feels awesome. Those are the most memorable times, the times you did what you were not supposed to do. I don’t want to tell you all these things I did because I feel like that can get dangerous maybe and I don’t want to be a bad influence but you gotta be bad sometimes. This incudes cutting class once in your lifetime for example. One day of missing school is not going to kill you. Grab your friend and do something memorable.

What would you do if you only had 5 years to live? 1 year? 1 month? A week? ONLY ONE SINGLE DAY? I feel like most people would probably change everything and finally start doing what they always wanted because they realise they only have so much time left. But guess what? You don’t actually know how much time you have left so you should always do what you wanted. I do want to have a natural death, most ideally watching the sunset with my loved ones but you can never really pick I guess. The idea of growing old and not being able to do things with this body scares me a lot. I want to do just everything. I want to experience lots of things in my life. Not necessarily to always do them but at least once.

I want to spray paint a wall. I want to go to New York and see the FRIENDS building. I want to see the FRIENDS set. I want to have a passionate romance. I want to publish books. Get more tattoos and so on. Life is way too goddamn short my friends.

- ̗̀ make art, be art ̖́-@TéaCarise

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