The Pressure of having a RELATIONSHIP in High school

Do you ever feel like you are missing out just because you are single and people around you are in a relationship? Well, I did hella feel it which is why my high school years started in a disaster. That is a long story though.

Maybe most of the pressure isn’t really put on us by the people around us but more so by movies, tv shows and books perhaps. I think that is why I thought I was supposed to be in a relationship when I started high school. It was this weird feeling of: “It’s time already, isn’t it? Shouldn’t I have a boyfriend by now?” The truth is that there is no right age for these things because I am sure that you can’t force a relationship. It takes two people for one to work and you definitely can’t force someone to love you if they just don’t. I also realise that for some goddamn reason people love to talk about your love life and whether you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner. And if you do have one, then they will continue to ask about the things you have done with this person. (I am guilty of doing this in the past, too.) It is not polite to do so because what happens between those people should stay between those people. It is a personal subject. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why teens feel like they have to have someone. But I think that most people don’t really care about whether you do or do not have someone. And even if they do, that is your personal choice and business. You do what works for you. Definitely don’t rush into a relationship just because everyone else is in one. Take your time. What it comes down to is that a relationship is a connection between two people that can’t be forced.

When you go on for a while without being in a relationship you start to think thoughts like:“What’s wrong with me?” People are going to tell you: “You’ll find someone.” and “In college you will meet the one.” Those replies are nice but also quite a cliché. Well, I just think that you shouldn’t get so hung upon the fact whether you have or don’t have a signifficant other. Life has so many elements. Focus on yourself, your friends, family and actually living your life. You are not behind. There is no age for anything. Except alcohol maybe and cigarettes perhaps but we all know that isn’t true either anymore if you really want something.

3 thoughts on “The Pressure of having a RELATIONSHIP in High school

  1. Relationships are meant to take time; I love your addition of “there is no age to anything” at the end of your post It’s so relatable! I notice it much more during family gatherings, too. Distant relatives (who I haven’t seen in so long I might add) always want to know if I have a boyfriend, when I’m going to get married, etc. I understand it’s their way of catching up, but sometimes it makes me feel like my life isn’t fulfilled until I find a relationship…or that I am in some way pressured to find a significant other right away.

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    1. i feel you….it also seems to me as if our whole lives are already written by society…as if until a certain age you are supposed to graduate, then at this age find the job and so is it with a signifficant other or kids…just because having kids and being married is the norm, it doesn’t mean everyone has to get married for example.

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