Read this if you are SAD or DEPRESSED – Mental Health Mondays/Diary Days

I kind of wanted to write a more “Diary Days” kind of post therefore this is going to be more personal and free maybe. This is the thing I love most about a blog. I can write whatever the hell I want to.

I have been feeling kind of tired and sappy lately. I was busy with school, with the final exams and also a birthday. But at least I get good grades and I am really happy with my friends. Because I have been so sappy lately I really feel the urge to do something, something big and something good. I rarely have energy for even writing. I don’t have new and good ideas. It is true that I have started writing the book but it has been on hold ever since I was writing the play. I really wanna just finish and catch up on the things I love. I just gotta start. Like exercising, finally. I really need to and want to. Overall I want to make a change and go back to doing the things I love and I believe I will be happier once I do. 

That is also why I am writing this. If you have been feeling sad or depressed over the past few months, I think you should pick up a hobby or go back to your old hobbies. Making a new friend or getting back in touch with an old one could make you happier. WE ALL  HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE OUR LIVES. For me it is going back to doing what I have always been doing. For you it could be finding something new. You could start making art – painting, writing, DIY stuff or photography . You could do sport or maybe transform your body into a better version. You could play a new instrument. You could work on developping a game or make a youtube channel or a blog.

Whatever it takes for you to be happy, do it. I know I will. And in the meantime I will watch FRIENDS, Anime and Cartoons. That helps, too. I just know that life is very shortand I want to make the most of everything. I don’t like wasting time and especially killing it because time is killing us.

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