Thoughts on our School System

We learn all of these things in school and literally every kid is asking “What is this good for? How am I going to use this in life?” I am asking the same thing sometimes. Listen, I don’t think I am particularly smart for that matter. I am able to get As and Bs at school but just because I have an A it doesn’t mean that I actually know that stuff later on in life. And that is the bad part about school. I did get As from Chemistry last year and let me tell you, I don’t know a goddamn thing from Chemistry. It doesn’t mean that I am a stupid person. Chemistry simply doesn’t interest me but that doesn’t change the fact that it is important in order to sustain life. We need it to make medication for people who are sick and so on. And that is the thing, just because I don’t care doesn’t mean other people don’t. Everyone cares about something, everyone likes at least one subject or something that has to do with that subject. That is why it is good to figure out what you care about as soon as possible. I am not saying that we shouldn’t teach all those subjects at school. It is important to know where we came from, where things are in the world, how things work, how to speak, even Maths. It is not that we are going to use it, we probably won’t but there were people who cared enough to work hard, invent them and figure it out. I think we should definitely get a general education about certain topics but then you kinda just keep what truly interests you. I could ramble about books, art and what people said all day because I am interested in that. Other people may not be. The irony is that I even learned some things about those subjects I don’t like when I made projects about it. It is easier to learn what you want to learn than what you “have to” learn you know.  

I feel like it is messed up in a way because we truly learn things that we don’t care about. But being “SMART” is overrated. One may know things when one has to learn it but a person is smart when they know things others may not. We all learn things at school and if you know all that, you are average. That is why reading is great or simply learning outside of school. Learning the things that you don’t have to know is what it is all about. The people who dedicate time to the things they love are ususally the ones who will make it big.

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