When is the right time to MOVE ON FROM A CRUSH?

In the past 9 months I have liked two guys. Both at the same time kind of. One more than the other. Neither of them cared to text or talk. If something were to happen, they would not be there for me. I think it is the right time to move on.

If there is a significant amount of time where you don’t even talk to that another person and it has been misery and pain, I think you should move on. Yes, for a while I did want it to work. I even went out with one of them but after all this time that passed, it is not worth it anymore you know. I feel like I deserve better. This just wasn’t it. Neither of them. No matter how much I love the guitar guys, I am moving on. Moving on is a funny  concept as well. To me moving on means that I decide to let go of my feelings towards that person but if they are still a good person ( if they didn’t harm me in any way) I still want to be friends with them and I am still going to think they are a good person. I simply make peace with the fact that they do not like me in that way and that’s it. But if they told you bad things or told bad things behind your back, put you through emotional hell then just please…put that person in the trash icon in your mind.

The thing about moving on is also that people don’t want to move on most of the time and keep hoping the other person is going to change or have feelings for them. Well, why would you like to be a second choice or wait around for them like that? I do believe that if you move on, maybe another time, later on, things could change in the sense that they could like you but not because you waited for them or because you are just there to fill a hole in them but because you will grow as a person and they might, too. But that doesn’t mean you have to be mistreated or have low self-worth you know. Move on, live your life and maybe if the time is right and things are different they might like you back but don’t depend on it. Be open to possibilities and be with someone who is going to make you feel good about yourself and who will like you no matter what for YOU.

Fotka Word Porn.

7 years. Haven’t spoken for nearly 8 months. And my life is 100% better now. Sometimes things are supposed to end. It wasn’t all bad but it wasn’t good either.


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