How to fight Depression – Mental Health Mondays

I have been feeling very bad lately. It is a lot of anxiety and depression as well. I thought that depression is only when you are sad for a long time. But it can also be that you simply get so sad and unmotivated that you just can’t get out of bed and you don’t find joy in anything. Depression is a real struggle not only amongst teens but adults as well. This is why I think I could come up with some solutions.

What I have learned along these years is that happiness is only temporary but it is not a goal you once reach. It is something you work on every day. There are things you do that contribute to that happiness. I am writing this a week or two before it goes up and at this time I woke up with a great deal of anxiety and this deep feeling of sadness. Yesterday was no different. I went on to write Crazy in order to try and fix it. She handled it well as always but it didn’t necessarily helped in the way I intended it to. Then I told myself “WE ALL HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE OUR REALITY.” That is exactly what I want to do and I really hope that by the time this goes up, things changed.

  1. Eat healthier and work out – My ED contributes to my depression a lot. Also my anxiety. They all tie together in many way. I pursue to eat well and work out. Hopefully cycle a lot if the weather allows me to. I really love to do that. I have been doing this for like a week or two but now I especially want focus on it.
  2. Focus more on my hobbies – I have been painting more than usual because when I do so I feel accomplished. But I also love reading and I don’t really make time for it anymore. I have been stuck on the same book for four months now. And I should really get back to writing my own.
  3. Actually studying – I am graduating soon and I haven’t really given it my 100%. I  did study but I know I could do a lot better. I have to actually if I want to get into my dream university. Most of my anxiety comes from school.
  4. Positive mindset and self talk – You know, I always make myself so little. My self worth is low. People say I am this amazing, caring, lovable person but I rarely feel so. I think I need to realise my self worth more and be more confident. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and I want to.

These are the things I would love to change. I believe that if I do these, my mood will improve. I hope you found some tips for yourself as well if you are struggling. Have a nice day and take care. (:


2 thoughts on “How to fight Depression – Mental Health Mondays

  1. I love the initiative approach you present. Because I feel like depression and even just general feelings of sadness come from us not taking control of our lives. Once control is taken, it can help a lot imo. 🙂

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