If you love someone who doesn’t love you back

I know you love that person so freaking much. You think about them all the time, you feel butterflies in your stomach when you are around them, when you see them, when you accidentally see a photo of them somewhere or you have this excitement when they watch your Insta stories. I get it. I really do. They love someone else? They have a girlfriend/boyfriend/signifficant other but you still love them regardless of that? You just can’t get over them because you want to be with them and only them and yes you may have had other crushes or even a whole another relationship but you still secretely love them. Yes, I know it may sound freaky that I see into your soul like this but it is simply because I am a master at this. I felt all this. I lived all this for seven years. It was the Ted Mosby kinda love. In my opinion there are only some that loved someone that much. I truly get it.

As a master of this situation and from someone who conquered it and successfully moved on, here is what you do:

You know what I realised was that I wanted a relationship. I wanted what others had. Cuddles, kisses, hugs, watching movies together, going to get food, to the cinema and so on. I wanted that. And no matter how much I loved this person, they were just not willing to offer me that. They couldn’t. You can’t force or make someone love you. They either do or they don’t. It can change but most likely it won’t. And if you have been suffering for so long, why not just put yourself out of it. I know you could die for them but would they do the same for you? Do they care the same way for you? Would they be there if something were to happen? Do they remember all the little things you like the same way you remember theirs? I think the answer is no. I don’t think it is worth it. My boy did know all the little things and he did care but he didn’t love me and it isn’t really his fault though. It is just how life is. And I am sure that there is something better out there for you than this. There is someone who is going to be willing to offer you those things. And it is not just that. It must be nice to love someone and to have them love you back. Because you love this person but they don’t love you back. A relationship is supposed to be two sided. You ought to want the same things from this relationship. If one of you wants commitment and a serious relationship but the other one just wants fun then it is not going to work and the one who cares more is just going to get hurt.

And yes, it was never about looks. It is about what both of you guys want, what you feel and if you love them to death but they simply don’t then it is a waste of time and your feelings and love as well. You should focus on yourself and living your best life and sooner or later someone better will come around. Try to let go. I believe you can let go but you actually have to want to let go in order to live a better life. Because if you still haven’t moved on then odds are that deep down you don’t want to. You are hanging onto the idea of “what if” and “maybe” and “but”. These are all words of uncertainty and you are sure about them. You deserve someone who is sure about you. So:

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