I am BAD at MATHS and Proud of it

You know, I used to be like awesome at Maths and I had straight As. I don’t anymore. I truly strived to have those grades but now I am so proud of being bad at Maths. Do you wanna know why? Because I feel like there is so much pressure on us to be a certain way, to be good at every subject, to have everything figured out. There are all thse subjects and only some people are able to do everything for 100%. Having straight As is a kind of achievment. But if you only have that then what is life even about? Especially at a younger age. Those grades won’t matter for college. I think you can manage with one or two Bs on your report. And I am not only talking about Maths. I think it is good to be bad at some things because that can also mean you are amazing in other things.

I am like an okay driver. I am not the best but I am okay. And like what? I drive. That is more than I ever thought I would do. I am also bad at running. Like, I won’t run. I hate it. But I love biking for example. I may not have skinny thighs but I have a bigger butt which is nice. I have a big nose. I am a complete noob at computer games. But with the right person I would enjoy it. I would be so down for a boyfriend to teach me about games they like. I am bad at sleepin enough. Bad at trying to wake up. Bad at staying happy. I am a stress ball as some say. I am bad at so many things but I love it because they define who I am. I am also hella good in many things. I don’t give a damn about Physics or Chemistry or Maths but I like to think I am a good artist. 

Accept your flaws. Love the things you are bad at. You don’t have to be good at everything. Trust me. It is way better that way.

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