ED Recovery Diary – week 21 – Summer just started

This week I had finals so my eating was still like not where I wanted it to be but it was definitely a whole lot better. Oh yeah, I overdosed on coffee plus I ate too many rice crackers. But other than that I would say I had a normal week of eating. And now that I have summer, I can put more thought into my foods and work out and manage my time better. I am very excited.

My plan is to eat normally. I am going to eat healthy foods but also listen to my intuition and get pizza and ice cream. I hope I won’t get too crazy about eating healthy. And I just want to work out in order to feel good about my body, to be strong. Because otherwise I kind of feel ashamed of how I look which is stupid. I think I have accepted how I look, that I am this weight (I actually don’t know what weight) and I just know I want to get stronger and get abs. I am planning to get a tattoo there so that is a lot of motivation. Also highkey my main motivation are clothes. I am not going to lie, I really wanna pull off a lot of crop tops because I love them.

So yeah….that is my plan.

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