Farewell High School, it was kinda fun

I really wanted to write a sort of goodbye to high school because a significant chapter just ended for me. I ‘ve had this in my head for a long time and I always imagined it being this sappy, movie-like kind of goodbye. But to be honest, it doesn’t feel like leaving or an end in particular.

Most of actual high school I was depressed and in such a bad state of mind but I have to say it was the best decision for me to not get straight As. It was mostly that I was just too sad to study but it made me turn to things I loved doing for comfort. I made a lot of ART and even this blog started from that. I hung out with my friends a lot, endless slices of Pizza in this cozy “nook” called Mamapepe. I feel like every squad has a place where they hang out the most and for me that is the place where I have most of my memories. Also this blue pole at school where we would sit every morning with Crazy. More and more people would sit there as the years went on. The people would also change, leave and so on. But the two of us were a sure thing.

I really wanted to say a few things about my classmates as well. I have always had a strange feeling in that class. I always felt like I was a weirdo from day 1, that I was only seen for my grades. Maybe it was also that I would spend most of my time with HIM. We don’t even talk anymore but I have to say that being with him and doing all those crazy things was reaaaally fun. Then all of this drama happened with my family, with me being so depressed that I would do terrible things. They talked a lot about me behind my back and I really didn’t feel good in that enviroment. But at the time that was my smallest of problems. It is not really my fault that all these things happened. They just did and I was young – 15-17. It is a terrible thing but I got through it and in the end I felt accepted and even liked maybe. A lot of it was in my head I think. Yes, I might still be shy and quiet because all that went down in my class caused me to be more reserved but I really feel like we talk more. I like my class a lot and I know it is not perfect but I feel really just like a part of it.

Yes, high school ended but it is more like my studies ended. I was preparing to be very sad because I thought I was leaving everybody behind but I just know that I can text them anytime, I can visit and we will meet with the people that matter the most to me.

However I have a few last words to those who are still there:

School is about studying. Get good grades that matter for university. But to be honest, my best memories are from the time when we would mess with each other in class, when I would run into people in the halls, the extraordinary days when we didn’t learn, the balls, the morning, the sleeping in class and just being with the people I love.

“High School seems like an eternity but when you look back, all you see is how you wish for a little more of doing nothing with your friends.”

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