The ED Recovery Diary – week 22 – I am trying to be okay

I’ve been eating healthy and wokring out. I am happy about that but I am still very very tired. Like every day. But it can be just my mood. I am happy but I haven’t exactly found the energy to actually do things. I have done some things I wanted to but I haven’t really biked yet for example.

The issue I have now is that I am happy I am exercising but ebcause I don’t really have the enrgy now I don’t work out as much as I would love to. Which is why I still kinda feel bad about myself. This made today harder. I just didn’t want to work out and I started doing it but I was in such a different mindset that I stopped afetr like five minutes. That is the reason I am writing this. I am trying to reevaluate my position and change my mindset into a positive one.

Last year I started from this exact position, this exact weight at this exact time and I took it quite far. All it took was a positive mindset and dedication. I do have the dedication and maybe even the mindset on most days. Maybe today is just a shitty day like tat and tomorrow is going to be a new opportunity.

It is only a minor setback. I worked out five days this week and lost 0.5kg. That is an accomplishment. You know what? Let’s celebrate that. Small progress is progress, too. It is a good start. I can do even better in the following weeks.

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