Diary Days – n.32 – Things don’t always go as planned

So, I was supposed to have a job by now. XD I even had one kinda. I was promised a position in this great clothing store. Then two days before I was supposed to see the manager lady, she called and said that they weren’t looking anymore. I was pretty upset about it. I then proceeded to eat an entire bowl of Nesquick cereal. *MOOD*

Things didn’t go as planned as you can imagine. But I take it. Life is a challenge. I had many other opportunities but they were low pay shitty jobs so I didn’t take them. We looked around for a job the other day with my friend so we’ll see. But I won’t let it get me down.

You know other than that I am just tired all the time. I do drink coffee and sleep as well so I don’t really get it. I am lowkey broke. My ED is just all over the place. I don’t have an appetite for real food at all but keep eating cereal and ice cream. It is funny. I work out as well. I don’t even know, man. More on that on Sunday.

Top Ten Quotes Of The Day

It is soooo weird now. Just everything. Nothing is certain other than the people in my life. Which is why I cherish my time with them.Β I just like biking, rehearsing with them. We are playing our/my play for the last time next week. It’s sad. Almost a month has passed and I barely did anything. I don’t know where time flew. I barely wrote my book. I did start researching though. I was just working and looking for a permanent job and seing my friends.

I am also daydreaming about camp. I am so freaking excited for it. I can’t wait to see the people. I miss them so much. I just wanna go now!

I will link the song that kinda got me to write this. It’s Lil Peep. I just think we should not forget to live. I did have some amazing days for sure this month and I want a job but I also wanna have fun.

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