When you work hard and still don’t lose weight – Mental Health Mondays

I am simply frustrated and thought, other people feel this way as well so let’s just turn it into an article.

I have been working out for a month and trying to eat well. Appearantely not enough. I only lost 2 pounds. I also always work out in the morning and decided to check my weight before it and now I am all unmotivated and didn’t even work out. To be honest, this is when I feel tempted to restrict and lose weight that way but I know in the long run that is a bad idea.

I am thinking that I should eat more protein and bike more. But mostly I am working on my mindset. According to the BMI charts I am overweight which also bugs me. Just everything about this bugs me.

I am sad about this if I am honest. It is just hard sometimes. But you know, this happens. Life is like that from time to time. It’s okay. I am going to figure it out. Checking my weight always makes me feel shitty. I don’t even get why I do it. You know, my goal isn’t even to look good. It is just to be happy and not having to think about what I “can” and “cannot” eat. My goal is to be healthy and work out because I enjoy it. My body just makes that harder. Weight simply sticks on me pretty quickly and it is hard to lose it.

I am still not going to go work out right now. I am too sad to do it. I am going to try again in the evening though. Maybe my mood changes until then. I try to be positive about it all but this happens as well. This article just won’t have a happy ending. Today is shitty. And that is okay. We’ll try again tomorrow. That’s it.

3 thoughts on “When you work hard and still don’t lose weight – Mental Health Mondays

  1. I try to avoid my scale, sometimes it doesn’t add up to how I look and feel, it distracts from all the hard work we put in and doesn’t leave us with anything in return, you’re doing the very best you can do so don’t let a scale take that from you!

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