Diary Days – n.33 – I wanna do SOMETHING

Well, I got lots to say today. First of all, I don’t know why but when I do not give a damn whether a guy likes me everything goes smoothly and he starts liking me and I am like “Okay, how do I get out of this?” but when I do like a guy I just don’t fucking know how to talk to him. I screw things up very quickly. Just my luck. The odds of me actually being able to normally talk to a guy I like are very slim. But also….NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS.

Second of all, I feel like doing SOMETHING. Do you know what I mean? Yes, I read, write, bike, hang out and so on but like SOMETHING. I need to do different things. Not just this routine. I think Imma go and try to Ollie today. That will be so funny. XD I also wanna paint my ceiling. I dunno. I am looking for the kind of happiness I had last year in summer. I do simular things like last year but I don’t feel as happy as I felt last year. Oh, it was last year I worked three weeks on putting all my sruff on this blog. Cute. I just biked a lot and hung out with friends, watched the sunset and worked on the things I loved. And it was enough. I need to watch more sunsets perhaps. But to be honest a lot of my happiness just strives from the fact that I like a guy. I do still like a guy I think but I don’t see a point in it so it just makes me rather sad.

Also, soon I gotta say goodbye to Lila, Thalia, Jason and Jenny. I have to say that my own words sound kinda corny and awkward now. But I was so proud of it. I still am. It still had a great message. To live life to the fullest. Maybe that’s what we all need to do. To seize the day and make our lives extraordinary.

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