We spend too much time on INSTAGRAM

I know you know it is true. It is why I am writing it. In the past I found myself scrolling through Instagram almost all day. I think it can be such a waste of time. And others do it, too.

It was mostly cause I was sad, I didn’t feel like doing anything and it felt kind of satistfying to just watch what other people were doing. I wanted to see a reflection of what I wanted my life to be like. Which is even sadder but I really want to say the truth here. I also feel like it was a way to socialise and talk to people without leaving the house. Sending memes, chatting and so on. When I am sad I tend to just “set camp” in my room and not leave the house for a few days. I am left with my thoughts and that is never good.

So, we all realise this is just a sad and boring way of life. Now I am doing way better and don’t really go on Instagram much. Maybe three or four times a day, depends on what I am doing and that is only for like 10-15 minutes. I have a life, I had one back then as well but I am much happier now.

This brings me to my next point. The reason and way I use Instagram now is to kind of prove I am a fun person and have a life. It sounds very bad but I think most people assumeΒ  I am boring (which one guy from my class even said to me ). I used to get and still did get pretty good grades and was very shy in class. That makes me boring? Just because I was quiet in class doesn’t mean I am not fun. I do many creative things and I also do many fun things and even bad things. Most people say they can’t find a bad thing about me. Yes, overall I am a good person but I like a bit of trouble as well. I try to show people that but there is a fine line there. I don’t go overboard anymore. Yes, I used to post like everything but now I turned to having more of a lowkey, private life. I still post fun things I do because to me Instagram is also like a diary to look back on. But I do fun things which I don’t post and it is also because now I have more followers and don’t feel like everyone needs to know everything. Plus, it is not like I am trying too hard to prove I have a great, fun life. It is just a way to fight the misconceptions. It is not a main priority though. I mostly do it for myself. Overall, I don’t care much what others think but with posting some of the things I do I prove to myself as well that I am not boring. To be honest, I used to be insecure and feared that guys would think I am boring but I think it is the contrary. I tend to be very fun, I just need the right people. It is also a great platform to spread positive messages and speak out about important matters.


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