Diary Days – n.34 – My job’s a joke, I’m broke, my love life’s D.O.A.

Sooooooooooo, yes. I do believe my life is the FRIENDS theme song. But watching it makes me feel better cause that theme is a mood.

I do have a great promo job. I love it. But that is not a stable job really. And I was looking around so much in the capital to find a good job. And I did. But the thing is, because I graduated, for some fucing reason according to the train station lady I am not a student anymore. Hehe. So I don’t have the free trains. Which sucks. And that means I had to quit that job and go back to the first sucky job.

This is why I am saying my life is the FRIENDS intro. I feel like when Rachel gets her first job and paycheck. And the others are like “This is not that bad. Yeah. Grat service though.” and they give her a lot of money. Or when Monica has to take tat job in the diner in order to make some money.

Life sucks sometimes. But it’s all good. Money is money. And it is not like I just sat at home for a month. I am just gonna work and hope for the best. Then go out with my friends, drinking coffe, eating pizza or McDonald’s and contemplate about my life. That is my fave thing. Is it wrong that I am kinda happy about this all? It sucks but it is also funny. There is a good thing about it though as well. No more travel anxiety.

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