How to BE WHO YOU ARE and screw Society’s expectations

You know, I feel like a lot of people these days do things in order to impress others. Kids, teens, young adults do bad things so that other people would think they are cool. It is easy to simply lose who you are because you want to be more likeable.

It is sad but we are all guilty of doing it. I used to just try so hard to “be cool” and to “be pretty” and maybe sometimes I still do because I am young and it happens. But it is just easier to be who you are and screw what is expected of you and just do the things you love because you love doing them and not because other people think it is cool to do it. For example getting a tattoo. Don’t get one so that people would think you are cool and have this small moment of fame. You are the one that is gonna be stuck with it for the rest of your life. I love my tattoo.

A lot of time had to pass until I felt comfortable with who I truly was. A lot of fashion phases went down. It was this idea in my head of what I thought a girl had to be. I still feel like “a job of a girl is to be this pretty thing”. It is so wrong. I don’t think it is true. It is simply how I feel society sees girls. I had trouble with just being me because I feel like I can be quite complex. I am sweet and kind and so on but I can also be like “don’t fuck with me”. I am both. I write these sappy AF poems and articles and stuff but I am also a hardcore rocker and I like boyish things. I am a sucker for Deadpool and Batman and there is just so much to it all. It feels like you have to choose between sweet and badass. I refused to choose and I am kinda both. But not a lot of people know that. I tend to be shy and quiet but you gotta get to know me I guess.

Imagem de 80's, The Breakfast Club, and wallpaper

I am simply saying that you should do things because you want to do them and love to do them and you don’t have to be anything. You should just be yourself no matter how different that is. Because as I watch youtube as well, I see all these girls wearing the same kind of clothes (mom jeans, cool socks, scrunchies), acting the same kinda “I don’t give a damn but I also do” kind of attitude and it is like the same person all over again. Guys tend to be simular sometimes as well. Maybe that is why I like boys’ hair, because most guys kinda have the same haircut. XD And I am also a sucker for a guy dressed in a cool way. Guy’s clothes can be boring but when you see ripped jeans, boots and a band tee. Hell yeah. That is just me though. Don’t take it the wrong way. Okay, we’re just gonna end it right there. BE YOU! And the easiest way to be yourself is not to give a damn what other people think of you.

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