Diary Days – n.35 – Life is GOOOOOD

I know I do these kinda often now but like lots of things are happening. I ended up in a pretty good job I think. A clothing store in my “hometown”. It is close and it is good money. The day I get my paycheck is the day Imma be heading to the tattoo shop for sure.

See, it all worked out in the end. Life is just good now. It is still strange that I work but I am getting used to it. I was so anxious my first day at that job. And I miss these. I miss writing, painting most of all and reading, too. I am just tired a lot. On my days off I plan to do these but I end up just watching FRIENDS or hanging out with my friends. That is still amazing cause I already have so many great memories with them. And man, camp is in a week! One thing I’ve been missing from it all is truth or dare. So we obviously gotta fix that. XD

I am just happy you know. Strangest thing is probably that I am so okay with being alone. In the past I used to feel a void in that area, like I needed someone to complete me but now I don’t anymore. I am content with my life and it is somehow enough. I am not saying I am not open to anything. I simply stopped waiting around for guys. Not worth it.

I am just so happy. I know I said it already. It is just strange. And I will have money. How great is that? I will go and get another tattoo. Life is amazing. What else could I say you know. I got great friends, memories, a good school to look forward to. But the key is to expect nothing and appreciate everything.When you make the most of what you have, you will find happiness. Most people work their whole lives to make money and only in the end they realise they had not lived.


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