The Purpose of This Blog

This is my new page. It is the same blog I started back in 2015 but on a new platform. I want you to know that this blog started from DEPRESSION and when I had the worst time of my life. I was depressed and I tried to cope with it through writing. My first posts were full of sadness and honestly pitying myself in a way. That was also the time when I was still battling with my EATING DISORDER (EDNOS – anorexic behavious) and SELF HARM. After some time I had enough of all the pain and turned my blog into an opportunity to help others. When I would have  problems I would try to find solutions for them and put it into my articles. This blog helped me to stop self harming, fight my eating disorder and my depression. I also have to say that I had great support from my friends who stood by my side through thick and thin and the most credit I still give to them. However, as I said earlier, I turned this blog into a positive place. Today, I am better but sometimes I still struggle with ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and BODY DYSMORPHIA, DISORDERED THOUGHTS but I am constantly fighting every day towards BEING HAPPIER and I am trying to solve those problems. I take that bad energy and those emotions and put them into articles that I hope could impact someone’s life, change their lives for the better, help them. All I want to do is help those who feel bad because of whatever reason because I know how it feels to be lost, to be depressed, to hate yourself. And trust me, it does get better. There are so many beautiful things in life we should be grateful for. Our friends, our family, teachers who understand, the roof over our heads, the food on the table, the countless sunsets that are yet to come. Our hearts are beating and WE ARE ALIVE. Each day you get a new chance to change your life, you have an opportunity to be happier. Why won’t we try to do so? 

After all, I have decided that I don’t want to put all of this negative energy here, which is the reason I am not putting all of those depressing articles from my beginning here. Overall I wrote 389 articles on my original blog from which most of them are public here. But it is important for me that you know all of this started because of those bad times.  Also the reason for this new platform is so that this blog could reach its full potential and impact as many people as possible. Because I do believe that these articles can help people who are struggling.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you are all doing okay.

Disclaimer: I am not a Mental Health Professional. I simply write from my own experiences. Therefore I advise for you to get professional help or call a mental health line.

Dream, Believe. Never give up. Love, Angel ❤